Coffee Cafe

Each Sunday morning at 8:30a, there is fresh hot coffee available in the Fellowship Hall. This is a good place to visit with one another before heading to your Grow Group at 9:00a. Join us this Sunday!

Sunday morning grow groups meet at 9:00 am. 

We believe anchoring relationships are a key to sustained spiritual growth. That's why we have Grow Groups - it’s part of becoming more like Jesus. In a Grow Group, people study God's Word together and discuss life. It's also where they pray, care for one another, and form the kind of connections that keep Believers strong in their faith.

We believe being involved in Grow Groups will not only help strengthen you to a greater walk in your faith, but will connect you to the pulse of Northway. Getting "plugged in" to a group is vital not only to your experience as a believer, but also to your connection with the Body of Christ.

Northway has a variety of Grow Groups for all ages and life stages.
There is a place for you!

Click HERE for a growing list of Northway Grow Groups

Contact the church office for more information: or 979.849.1253.

Dtown (Disciple Town) Children’s Church - 10:10am

Our Children’s Church is amazing.  It engages kids interests while focusing on solid Biblical content.  What happens in Dtown? Each week we have a new word that is introduced in a crazy fun way. This word is carried throughout Dtown.  Our resident puppet, Puppeto, is very curious about the new words which he helps the children understand better.  Puppeto also helps the kids learn the books of the bible as well as introducing the Memory Verse.  We play a fun memory verse game to help everyone to learn the verse. Our skit crew does a great job taking our word and acting it out so it applies to everyday life.  We have great praise and worship each week, and we teach children to be cheerful givers during offering time.  Before our speaker comes, Bibles are passed out, so the children can follow along with the speaker.  All of this is done before our speaker comes and shares with the children. Each week we have a super citizen award given to a child. They get a prize and their picture taken to be displayed in the atrium of the Kid’s Building.  

Dtown meets the first through third Sunday of each month during the school calendar. Have more questions? Email Ms. Cheryl:

10:10 Worship - 10:10am

Our main weekly worship service meets at 10:10am on Sunday. We have corporate worship through music, relevant messages from God's Word, testimonies, prayer, fellowship and more. There are people of all ages and from various backgrounds. You'll see people dressed down, dressed up and everywhere in between. So, you'll be comfortable showing up just as you are. Quality childcare is also provided in our nursery.  We hope to see you soon!

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they
may have life, and have it abundantly.
 John 10:10